SCHOOLBOY rapper Rayne Turner has bowed out of The Voice Kids following a ‘battle’ to be in with winning a £30k bursary in the ITV talent contest.

Whitmore High School pupil, Rayne – performing as Ray Tee – was put into a team of three, by coach, to take part in the stage Battle rounds screened on Saturday, August 8.

There were three groups of three - and one performer was selected from each group to go through to the semi-final.

Rayne, of Barry, was teamed up with 14-year-old Amos and 11-year-old Thaila and Will chose the song Boasty by Wiley because, he said, it was one of his favourite songs.

Making a difficult decision, Will put Amos through, but said he would like to work with Rayne and the others again.


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Explaining his choice of three "cool kids" in the initial round, said of Ray Tee that he was "super confident" and "like an artist already."

Announcing the result said: "I'm proud of each one of you guys.

"Don't stop doing what you're doing.

"You guys are amazing.

"The person I'm going to put through...Jees this is hard.

"The person I'm going to put through reminds me of myself and that's Amos."

He added: "This not the last you're going to hear of them.

"We're going to go in the studio and record a video."

Rayne's mum, Lisa said: "Rayne liked the song as it is up-beat and he liked his parts in it.

“They were allocated sections of the song each.

“Rayne liked that he got the last chorus of it too to end the song on a high for him.

“When performing it he felt privileged to be able to perform once again in front of the celebrity coaches and amongst other talented performers and gave it his all.

After the performance it was nerve-wracking, waiting for Will’s decision about who he was choosing to go through to the next stage.

“Will struggled to choose, finally opting for Amos to go through.

“Rayne was gutted he didn’t get to carry on his journey on The Voice and didn’t get to the semis where he could have had the opportunity to perform his own written track.

“But he has taken it as a blessing to have been part of the show and the feedback and experience has been amazing.

Mrs Turner added: “When Will announced Amos was going through, he said although Rayne isn’t in the semis, he would still work with him outside of The Voice competition.

“He said he will produce a music vid for Rayne of Rayne’s own track and have it out before September.

“Lockdown has put it on hold temporarily.

“So, we are waiting to hear about when this will take place and what Will wants to do to help Rayne.

“Rayne is still a winner in our eyes.

“With Will still wanting to help Rayne we feel that he has already won.

“Not everyone gets to produce a music vid with a celeb like that.”

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