ONE hundred years ago this week Barry hosted the 1920 Royal National Eisteddfod.

Thousands of people travelled to Barry to perform and watch the spectacle.

But this year the Eisteddfod AmGen is being held virtually due to covid-19 restrictions on mass gatherings.

Vale and Barry Town councillors Ian Johnson, Nic Hodges, and Steffan William wanted to remember the 100 year anniversary of the even in Barry.


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Buttrills ward councillor, Ian Johnson said: "We really wanted a special event to mark today sadly with all the current restrictions is was impossible to arrange."

The posters are copies of ones held in the Glamorgan Archive.

Baruc ward councillor, Nic Hodges added: "The original posters are much bigger and were used to advertise the Eisteddfod and placed at the entrance to Romilly Park.

"The 1920 Eisteddfod was a massive success and the profits raised started off the fund to build the Memorial Hall.

"The Eisteddfod chair wasn't awarded in 1920 and was given to Barry Urban District Council.

"The chair is currently in regular use by the Mayor of Barry for official functions."