A PUB that was saved after being threatened with closure in 2019 is re-opening for covid-19 safe business on Monday August 3, 2020.

The Master Mariner, in Skomer Road, Gibbonsdown, Barry, underwent a £750,000 makeover after residents launched a campaign to save it from demolition.

The Brains S.A. establishment re-opened, following a two-month refurbishment, in December last year.

But when lockdown ensued, in March, it was had to close its doors once more.

Now customers can savour food and drink, but they first have to book ahead using the new Brains App.

The pub will operate at a reduced capacity of 85 to 100 customers, at any one time, and standing will not be allowed - in line with Welsh Government guidelines.

The pub will continue its takeaway click and collect service.


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Master Mariner general manager, Jeremy Davies said: "We opened again on Friday, December 13 so maybe there’s a sign there and following the outbreak of covid-19 we closed the doors on March 20.

“I could see it coming because obviously on the Monday, before Boris Johnson announced 'stay away from pubs', it was obvious from other countries east of us – whether that’s countries like Italy and Spain or even countries further in the Far East like China and Asia – that covid-19 was killing a lot of people and undoubtedly we were going to be shut.

"Overnight the announcement came and all the staff were pulled in on the Saturday to disinfect and clean the pub thoroughly.

"S.A. Brain & Co Ltd then applied for use of the job retention scheme and all the staff, including myself, were placed on furlough.

"When we open up on August 3 fully, in line with Mark Drakeford’s announcement from the Welsh Government, we have new, disposable, menus and we’ve rationalised the number of products on that menu.

"We have new drinks ranges including the drafts so we are bringing back Guinness, Heineken, and Peroni into this pub.

"There will be new soft drink and wine ranges.

"We have worked as hard as we can to try and make us covid-19 safe."

Tables have been removed and sanitising stations are placed around the pub.

Thirteen staff have undergone full training.

There will be a 'meeter and greeter' and there will be enhanced cleaning routines.

Condiment sachets will accompany meals.

Pool tables, jukeboxes and gambling machines will not be in use and live, sound entertainment won't feature.

Mr Davies added: "Brains as a company have done a wonderful job in devising a new Brains App.

"It’s called Brains Pubs and from that customers will be encouraged to order their drinks and food so we won’t be allowing anybody at the bar.

"The bar itself is classed as an exclusion zone.

"People won’t be allowed to stand.

"We are urging people to book in advance and book time slots.

"People can’t walk in if we are full.

"We will manage people in a safe and fair manner for all the community

"Brains has applied for the Eat Out, To Help Out scheme.

"That’s 13 occasions eating in the month of August that we will be offering discount which is set at £10 per head."

He added: "We’ve missed you for four months.

"We can’t wait to get you back, but please remember that what you remember from the Old Days has gone.

"We will be covid-19 safe.

“We have a very robust plan in place.

"The people are most important in this – their safety in these worrying times.”