FROM the Archive this week features a photograph of the people at the helm of Barry's earliest businesses - featuring Mr McPherson who was the managing director of The Barry Dock News.

These days the newspaper is known as the Barry & District News.

On July 5, 1889 the first edition of The Barry Dock News was produced and sold in Barry and Cadoxton at the price of one penny.

The printing and publishing office was in a central position in Main Street, Cadoxton.


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The printing press was a colossal 16ft long and 8ft wide and at the time they boasted the only machine like it in Wales.

Its average speed would produce between 1,200 and 1,500 copies per hour.

The first editor, and reporter, was Mr. J. R. Llewellyn.

He promised to conduct business independent of interference and "faithfully, fearlessly and fully" report on all meetings held in the district.

The weekly four-page newspaper was an "unexpected success" - according to him.

By 1892, The Barry Dock News boasted of opening a London office at 84, Fleet Street mostly for advertising purposes.

In October 1894, the main printing office moved to Holton Road before re-locating to Newport.

The Barry & District News office relocated to Newport in 2014, but its reporter operates in Barry and news is available in both print and online.

Being a reporter in early Barry was somewhat a challenge, always a target for criticism the paper took pride that all correspondence was printed with anonymity to put "all men on an equal footing."

In the same week, in 1890, Dr O'Donnell called the editor a "dog" for his reporting and the press's office was stalked by a woman screaming at staff after reports of her court appearance.

She had slept off the effects of a jollification on the muddy streets of Barry Dock Town and was found horizontal by police sergeant Gill.

Journalists having fist fights with politicians was not uncommon as was reports of editors purchasing revolvers.

The Barry & District News would like to thank Terry Sylvester for the photograph and Cllr Shirley Hodges for the information.

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