CORONAVIRUS lockdown measures went ignored as thousands of people flocked to Barry Island from South Wales and England on the hottest day of the year.

Visitors arrived at the popular seaside resort – breaking Wales’ five-mile travel restriction – from as far as field as Newport, Bristol, Hereford, and The Midlands on Thursday, June 25.

Car parks at the Old Harbour, Nell’s Point, and Barry Island Pleasure Park were rammed - with inconsiderate motorists blocking private homes and emergency access routes.

Alcohol – sold from some premises in the Whitmore Bay resort – was consumed throughout the ‘no alcohol zone’ area.

And visitors also brought their own drinks to consume.

Social distancing fell by the wayside in some areas of the beach as people spent the day swimming and basking in the sun.

Signs and a white line, directing people which way to walk, went unnoticed.

A trail of litter was left at the end of the day with council workers having to clear all forms of debris when visitors returned home.


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An eyewitness, who observed vehicles blocking an emergency services access, said: “There was bad parking at Barry Island.

“They were blocking the emergency access to Friars Point for the coastguard, ambulance, police and fire services.

“Although there are yellow lines and some notices, people regularly park across the gateway, preventing access.

“I reported it to the police and the council as parking enforcement has been handed over to the council.

“I checked again about 7pm and there were two PCSOs who had moved the Mercedes.

“Apparently the driver couldn't see the problem, but the Seat Leon had been replaced by another light blue car.

“Several cars parked on yellow lines had been given tickets too.”

Emma Mary James, posting on Facebook on Thursday, January 25, said:

“Tonight, I'm lost for words.

"Must be at least 60 plus kids still on beach.

"But the rubbish that has been left by actual human beings, is so gross.

"Looks like the toilets have been busy, so people have made their own in most corners.

"Not just pee either.

"The shoreline is covered.

"Too dangerous to take my kids on, from the amount of glass and poo.”

Alida Persie Jones, visited Whitmore Bay, today on Friday, June 26.

She said: “I went to Barry Island this morning walking my dog, and what a disgrace.

“First I thought the seagulls had a blast breaking all the rubbish bags, but soon realised that they probably would not leave beer bottles, fags, plastic tubs, beach towels, toys, empty cans all over the place.

“Dogs should not be banned from beaches, but people leaving this behind should.

“Honestly, I think more should be done with people like this.”

The Vale council has been asked to comment.