I promised myself I wouldn’t do it…told myself I was better than that…even questioned others who took the plunge first, but after only two days I relented…I joined the queue for the McDonald's drive thru.

Now there were some mitigating circumstances.

It was 4.30 in the afternoon and I had run out of activities for the boys.

Quiche was planned for dinner.

I don’t like quiche.


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I drove to the gate and was met by a snake of cars that resembled a Disneyland queue.

A helpful man told me the wait would be at least 45 minutes, for many people, too long.

My wife and I just gave each other a knowing smile…it would be the boys’ bedtime by the time we got back.

The talk was excited, what toy would be in the happy meal?

Would Mcflurrys be available?

Could I have extra chips?

As always, the meal was exactly what I expected it to be…fantastic.

Even during a worldwide pandemic, McDonald's managed to get it right.

It has really made me think about the return of Whitmore on June 29.

Like with McDonald's, there will be changes.

We may not be able to provide all of fantastic extras that are normally available.

Mcflurrys were off the menu by the way.

It will be a while before I can cheer on one of our sports teams or enjoy a musical produced by our superb drama or music department.

But, what will still be present is the incredibly positive ethos that has been created by our dedicated staff.

Pupils will be welcomed in, friendships will be renewed and learning will take place.

And before you know it, the full Whitmore High supersized experience will return and the pupils will be ‘lovin it’!