A VALE resident has spoken of her horror after discovering broken glass and a large quantity of potentially deadly nitrous oxide canisters on a Barry beach.

The discarded items and generally rubbish were found strewn at The Bendricks on Wednesday, June 10.

The Bendricks is an important paleontological site on the Vale coastline.

Police have issued warnings about the metallic canisters containing the laughing gas or 'hippy crack' as it is sometimes known.

The canisters are normally used for baking, but charities have also warned that misuse can lead to unconsciousness, or death, as nitrous oxide forces out oxygen from the lungs.


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The resident said: “My sister lives local to the beach and we walked there with her three-year-old son, dog, and my two older children on Wednesday evening to be faced with this total disregard for our area.

“It was out first 'get together' since the restrictions have been lifted a little.

“I was totally gobsmacked at the mess that I saw.

“My sister tells me that when the weather was hot, the beach was packed with people and the state that the beach was left in was dreadful then.

“There were countless beer bottles - smashed and intact, cans, boxes disposable barbecues, blankets and other waste.

“Loads of stuff was dumped in carrier bags on and close to the beach, but people were just too lazy to carry them to their car and take them home.”

They added: “The mountain of 'Hippy Crack' canisters was an eye opener to me.

“I've never seen such a huge pile in one place.

“Broken glass littered the ground around them.

“The view of the channel was totally interrupted.

“Perhaps a big bin would be useful there as I appreciate that people cannot go by foot into the amenity site?

“I would be very hesitant to visit the beach again anytime soon.

“Not only is it hazardous to my family and their pets, but it's also very upsetting to see the disregard that the minority of local residents have for our area.”