YOUNGSTERS enrolled at Welsh-medium Primary schools in Barry and Cowbridge have continued to improve their French during the coronavirus lockdown.

And Sian-Elin Jones, or Madame Sian-El as she is known to her pupils, has continued to teach lessons via her digital classroom.

Schools in Wales are set to reopen their doors on Monday, June 29 and will welcome back pupils to a ‘new normal’.

Many clubs and extra-curricular activities have successfully moved onto an online platform.


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Extracurricular programmes form an important part of school life, increasing opportunities for learning and development which can help to boost and improve children’s academic performance.

These lunchtime and after school clubs also, and some say more importantly, enhance a child’s well-being, increases their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

Sian-Elin Jones teaches extracurricular French classes to local children through the award winning La Jolie Ronde programmes.

The programme ensures learning is focused on fun and enjoyable everyday topics that children are familiar with.

Ms Jones said “Children generally love learning languages and can reproduce sounds accurately. The younger they are exposed to new languages, the better.

“With my classes I teach French through the medium of Welsh at St Curig and Gwaun y Nant Primaries in Barry and Ysgol Iolo Morganwg in Cowbridge.

“While nothing can replace face to face teaching and interaction, moving online has been a great, short-term substitute. Moving to teach online was initially quite daunting. It required a certain amount of experimenting to find out what works well and what pupils enjoy.

“It’s been great and feedback and encouragement from parents has been fabulous.

“Many are glad to welcome back a semblance of normality and structure into their children’s day.”

She added: “For me languages are the key to a magical world. As a child I remember the joy of discovering new ways of saying and expressing things. It is that enthusiasm and passion that I want to transfer to my pupils with my online classes.

“Languages are inspiring and can open doors to new places, experiences and cultures.”

For information about Sian-Elin’s Online French Classes, call 01446 781129 or email