EXERCISE, reading a book, looking at my smartphone.

Three activities that I spend a lot of time on during the lockdown.

Which do you think is the odd one out?

It is of course the smartphone, the easiest way to waste any free time that you have.

How can a device with almost unlimited access to information be so unfulfilling?

But it is addictive.

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Despite enjoying exercising or reading a book infinitely more than looking at social media, I often find myself drawn back into its web.

On Saturday I staged a mini self-intervention.

The boys were watching Blaze and the Monster Machines (I like to pretend to myself that they learn science through it) and I was on my phone Googling the best Michael Jordan dunks after an obsession with The Last Dance on Netflix.

I thought to myself, is this really what you want to do in the precious time that the boys are not incessantly asking important questions such as, 'what’s the biggest number in the world', and 'can whales eat sharks?'

So, I picked up my book and 25 minutes later the programme finished.

As you would expect, the questions started up again, ‘Daddy, could Hulk Smash beat all the baddies in the world?’

Strangely I felt ready to answer, by reading a book I had had an actual break.

My brain had a chance to focus on something else completely and I felt much better from it.

With this in mind, during half term, I will be imploring Whitmore High pupils to leave their smartphones in another room and read a good book.

I have always believed that reading is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and have a mental break as it requires you to focus on the words, giving yourself a chance to disconnect fully from any worries you have.

Now, all I have to do is find one about Michael Jordan.