TWO Llantwit Major brothers have made a video to support other children facing coronavirus lockdown challenges.

Six-year-old Dexter Poole and his brother Koby, four, were both fed up with the experience of eight weeks without being able to visit family, meet with their friends, play in the park, or go to school.

But taking it in their stride, and acknowledging their friends were feeling the same way, Year 1 Ysgol Dewi Sant pupil Dexter thought of what he could do and roped his nursery pupil brother, Koby into the production.

Dexter was inspired by some of the positive stories he had read and seen in the media – such as small acts of kindness and fundraising events.

Mum, Jenna Poole said: “The stories have made them both smile.

“Dexter decided he wanted to do something similar and both boys have spent the last few weeks doing little kind gestures to make their friends smile.

“They have made a mini treasure hunts, sent drawings in the post, and recorded jokes by video messages to try brighten up someone’s day.

“Making someone else smile has made them smile.

“One morning Dexter woke up and was a bit sad, Mrs Poole added.

“He is really missing his friends and the freedom to play with them.

“I explained how amazing he has been doing the last few weeks.

“We chatted about how it was okay and normal for him to feel ‘a bit sad’ and a lot of his friends have been feeling the same way.

“Their lives have temporarily changed for reasons they may not fully understand - and they have handled it amazingly.

“That’s when Dexter asked if we could make a video to send all children to let them know that, although it’s a strange time and they may also have some bad days, they are amazing.”

The video starts with Dexter explaining that one day he woke up and the world changed.

Coronavirus happened and things got a little bit confusing, a little bit scary, and a little bit lonely.

Dexter and Koby both list the things they are currently missing - including, family, friends, playing in the park, clubs, and school.

But, throughout it all they keep smiling, keep laughing, and they carry on because they are amazing.

The video ends with Dexter and Koby letting all the other kids know they are amazing.

Mrs Poole said: “It didn’t take us long to put the one-minute video together.

“They were photos we had taken throughout the lockdown and we filmed the little clips in our house and garden.

“They were mostly Dexter and Koby’s ideas and I put them together on my phone.

“We had lots of fun planning and making it and it was something that occupied our day.”

She added: “I am so proud of how positively Dexter and Koby are handling the lockdown.

“Like all of us they have their bad days, but they have mainly smiled and laughed throughout it all, showed kindness to others and taught me a lesson on how to just get on with it.

“I think its lovely that Dexter wanted to acknowledge that other children may be finding life in lockdown a bit tough and let them know they are amazing.”

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