YEAR 6 pupils from a Barry Welsh-medium primary school have taken part in a coronavirus lockdown video to share their friendship with each other.

Ysgol Sant Baruc pupils performed for their cameras and submitted 10-second clips for the video based on the ‘friends’ theme.

The video was produced by GP surgery administrator and school mum, Louise Kenny, 35, of Barry.

She said: “Ysgol Sant Baruc are really missing their friends through this lockdown.

“Some have missed birthday parties and planned days out in Easter breaks over Barry Island.

“It’s only 30 in the year and they appear to be very close.

“They are unsure if they will be having their leavers’ concert and leavers’ prom.

“These are such hard times - so I just wanted to make them all happy.

“I had seen many videos being shared on Facebook and thought maybe I could do one.

"The Friends theme tune seemed to be a perfect song.

“This class is always up for a laugh and I know the parents were probably having fun filming their 10 second clip.

“Not all parents knew what the video was about.

“All I asked for was a 10 second clip of either dancing, playing guitar, or getting soaked in the garden.”

The video is now on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – having had its premiere in the parents’ online group while they sat with their children.

“Many cried, many smiled, and many laughed,” Ms Kenny said. “It took a good two weeks to get everything off everyone.

“It was so difficult working full-time and trying to get what I wanted.

“The video itself took around two hours with the cropping, but I couldn’t have done that without my friend Ceri Rogers.

“Getting Mr Rob Kenyon involved, who is the teacher of year 6, was brilliant.

“I think he enjoyed it.”

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