A BARRY photographer’s work is being aired on national television as part of a new advert made entirely during the coronavirus lockdown.

Kate Stuart, 36, a photographer for more than a decade, is used to capturing weddings and family occasions, but due to social distancing and lockdown measures, she was missing capturing those moments.

Miss Stuart got creative and gave herself something positive to focus on – photographing residents in Barry through their windows and providing couples and families a reflection of their lives during an historic time.

“To me, photography isn’t a ‘job’,” she said. “I think that’s the wrong approach.

“It’s an art, but most of all it’s the closest thing to a time-machine we have.

“So, I approach it with the respect I believe it deserves.”

She dropped cards through people’s letterboxes, introducing herself and calling on them to get involved – offering a free copy of the photo as a thank you if they did.

Children were encouraged to get into their favourite fancy dress costumes, while the adults could write notes to hold up at the window if they wanted to.

She left it up to her subjects to decide how they wanted to communicate with the outside world.

Miss Stuart said: “My hope was that the project would gain some interest in our local community and possibly further afield.”

Cardiff-based S3 Advertising was contemplating its creative approach for client, Welsh jewellery brand, Clogau’s latest television campaign.

And they felt it appropriate to acknowledge the national mood.

S3’s creative planning director, Sarah Mason, said: “We had to overcome the barrier of not being able to send the team out on shoots but somehow still manage to strike a chord with the times and remain true to what the Clogau brand stands for.

“That’s when we recognised Kate’s work as a symbol of everything we were trying to accomplish.

“Right now, we’re all contemplating and appreciating the precious gifts in our lives.”

Miss Stuart worked with S3 Advertising to shoot photos safely and in line with government guidance.

These were overlaid with a poem - written by S3’s creative copywriter, David Warfield - and voiced by a Welsh voiceover artist, acknowledging how people are feeling and how despite coronavirus, life continues.

“Above all, how now is the time to celebrate the gift of friends and family;

“We’re all reminded that the gift of love, will always mean more.”

Miss Stuart said: “I honestly believe that with the help of the local community, together we've created something beautiful and unique.

“I'm certain that in years to come this collaboration will act as a time capsule to this part of history.”