A SCHOOL community has united to produce a video to show that even though they are being kept apart physically, they have never been so close.

Staff at Whitmore High School, in Barry, were inspired by an idea created by Year 8 pupil, Ruby Matthews.

Staff, pupils, governors and members of the construction team, building the new school, took out their cameras and filmed themselves for the #JustKeepCheckingIn paper throw.

With video messages thanking the NHS and key workers, staff and pupils telling each other how much they were missing school, the video serves as a reminder to how important our school community is to everyone involved in it.

The video is available on the school YouTube channel and has also been uploaded to the already bursting Google Classroom where pupils can watch the film while taking a break from some of the incredible work being submitted online during the lockdown period.

Head of drama, Ian Piekielniak said: “The school would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this video and would like to dedicate it to absolutely everyone in the school community.

“Stay safe, stay in touch and above all, just keep checking in.”

To view the video, visit youtube.com/watch?v=uTsFqmkuet0&t=2s

Dale Gamble Ian Hawkins