A FOUR-YEAR-OLD school pupil has made a video following his involvement in a Rhws Primary class video for his teachers.

Albert Clossier Hawkins wanted to make his own video for his classmates and came up with a two-and-a-half-minute video set to Friend Like Me from Disney's Aladdin.

Reception class pupil, Albert has a vast collection of fancy dress costumes - approximately 50 different costumes.

Dad, Ian Clossier Hawkins said: “It seemed a good idea to dress up in as many as we could for this one video.

“We did it on a Saturday and spent four hours throughout the day dressing up in various outfits and filmed in and around our house and garden, as well as a couple of local places we managed to get to while on a walk.

“Albert was able to dress up in over 20 costumes for the video which he has since shared with his friends from his class, as well as his friends and teachers throughout the school.”

Albert was happy to be able to share this with his friends and have them see him.

Mr Clossier Hawkins said: “He is too young for FaceTime and that kind of thing so this seemed a perfect way of communicating with his classmates and to touch base.

“We have had some really lovely comments from his friends and teachers at the school.”

He added: “We are looking at making a second video, to showcase more of his costume collection and to show more of his dance skills.

“Albert is a very confident little boy.

“He was so happy making this video.

“He listened to daddy throughout the day and took direction well as well as being able to have free reign and do what he wanted whilst he was dressed up.

“Albert enjoyed doing the couple of magic tricks best.

“In the video he can be seen dressed as Harry Potter and looking over a spell book, then he magically turns himself into a cactus in a plant pot and then back to Harry Potter again.

“He is also dressed as the genie from Aladdin.

“He rubs the lamp and magically daddy appears also dressed as the genie and they have a high five for the trick well done.”

To view the videos log onto youtu.be/MOekE9GKtEk and youtu.be/HY7FUj7mSvY