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Vale council armed forces champion, Cllr Eddie Williams said: “We owe a debt of gratitude to those who served in combat and on the home front during the Second World War. The recent hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic has in some small way perhaps helped us better appreciate the enormous sacrifices made by ordinary men and women more than seven decades ago. They gave everything for the freedoms we enjoy today. It’s important we take the time to mark this occasion even though that must be done from within our own homes.”

MoD St Athan station warrant officer, Dave Stroud said: “VE Day is a chance to pause and remember. We in the armed forces take tremendous pride in wearing our uniforms because of what our uniforms stand for.”

Residents decorated their homes and dressed for the occasion.

Among them were Gracie-May Bryant, eight, Kai Bryant, seven, Taylor Mason Hillard, nine, and Logan Mason-Hillard, six, all of Barry Road whose neighbour Frederick Salter, 82, also marked the occasion – all from their separate homes.

Dawn Collard said: “The residents of Barry Road all had a VE day celebration from their own gardens. Five houses in a row were decorated we had a game of street bingo with residents across the road also. The children all had a fantastic time and heard stories by our elderly neighbour who is 88 and was evacuated at a young age and also asked questions to another neighbour who was injured during his time in the army.

“Each resident had a great time social distancing along with a few dances from our gardens and sing along to we will meet again at the end of the night. We dressed up in 1940s clothing to celebrate, this has really brought our street together. This is something that our children will remember for the rest of their lives.”