A DINOSAUR has been pounding streets in Barry in an effort to spread smiles and raise vital funds for the Sully-based Ty Hafan children’s hospice.

Marc Stevenson, 32, of Barry, has been spotted, in a T-Rex suit, walking along Jenner Road, Park Crescent, Park Road, Westward Rise, Marine Drive, the Knap, the Parade, and back.

The former High Street Primary and Barry Comprehensive pupil now works as a teaching assistant youth assistant, with TeenScheme, and had been studying at Cardiff & Vale College before the coronavirus lockdown occurred.

Mr Stevenson said: “Some people have asked me to change up the route.

“I'm not running it because I want to drag it out a bit, have a laugh, and be some entertainment for people.

“Also, the suit is hot.

“I did this on a whim really,” he said. “I wanted to get back into shape, so had originally intended to try and do the Cardiff half marathon again.

“When I was looking at what events were going on the Ty Hafan virtual marathon came up.”

Mr Stevenson has been doing online karate at St Athan with sensei's Simon Dodd and Kirsty Stuart, doing online HITT sessions and eating more healthily to boost his fitness and aid his dinosaur effort.

“I bought the suit on a whim for my brother's wedding,” he said. “I put it on at the reception after seeing that video of the bridesmaid wearing one to a wedding.

“Since then I've done a few things for TeenScheme and Vale People First with it.

“I've got 31 days to do 26.2 miles or the same amount of steps.

“It's been great.

“The suit is hard work.

“It's hot, the face guard rubs my nose, and the other day I nearly suffocated when the batteries died.

“It's got a fan to keep it blown up.

“But hearing people having a laugh, getting the waves - it's all worth it.”

He said the children's comments were adding to the experience.

“Apparently I'm not a real dinosaur because dinosaurs don't wear shoes,” he said. “I've had a few people ask for photographs.

“And on top of that, the sponsors are going better than I'd expected.

People are enjoying it and it's raising money for a good cause. Ty Hafan is a great charity.”

You can donate at givepenny.com/marcs-may-marathon-