WHEN I was asked to write this column I thought about all the stuff I’ve seen on social media with people giving handy tips on useful things to do.

A lot of it is simply brilliant with all kinds of really useful life hacks, like the list that I and some of my friends at the Welsh youth parliament put together.

However, someone showing the world a video of their pristine, beautifully decorated and organised bedroom with their wonderful, state-of-the-art modern conveniences can be unintentionally preachy, smug and irritating - and I don’t want fall into that trap.

All I can say is what works for me during these times and how I try to keep my spirits up when I ‘m not able to meet my friends in person and do all the things I usually would.

I hope they work for you.

Please also write back to me with your ideas and the things you’ve discovered while in isolation.

One important thing for me is to have some sort of a routine.

Now my brother loves making lists, putting things in order and ticking them off as he goes along.

That’s fair enough if it works for you, but I’m more organic in the way I do things and I like to flit from one thing to another.

Despite what appears to be a more chaotic way of doing things, I basically know how much time I’m allocating to any bunch of tasks in the day, so it all gets done and I enjoy what I do whilst I’m doing it.

I’ve been making the most of a nice lie-in before doing the school work at 10 for a couple of hours.

I really do love my sleep and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

After getting up I’ve been having fun in the kitchen learning to cook a healthy breakfast from scratch with my brother.

He’s only 12, but he’s a great cook.

Real porridge made with oat milk and seasoned with banana and fruits of the forest (we pinched those from the freezer).

He made some amazing dough for pizza too which he then rolled into several balls and put in a tub in the fridge.

Whenever any of us want a pizza we just roll out the dough before heating it up and putting tomato puree and any ingredients we like on it.

It’s lovely and miles healthier than the bases I normally eat.

Anyway, in the afternoon I do something different.

Whether it’s learning to play a song on the guitar, knitting, photography or sketching, it’s really satisfying to have achieved or made something during the day.

Then at night, it’s time to relax in front of the TV.

I have already watched the three series of the excellent comedy, This Country and am now watching the first series of the S4C police crime drama Bang!

It’s a real eye opener and I highly recommend it.

Watch it on subtitles - it’s brilliant!

Over the next few days my dad insists that I ‘have fun’ with his chemistry set.

I’ll humour him and who knows, I may just enjoy it – I’ll let you know.