A SCHOOLGIRL, inspired by a key worker, has been making rainbows after people across Wales painted them on homes to spread cheer during the coronavirus lockdown.

Gladstone Primary School Year 4 pupil, Tinkabella Rose Turner has produced more than 60 rainbow drawings - which she calls smiles - which have had an appreciative reception.

Nurses, dinner ladies, and other key workers have received the youngster’s art work.

Tinkabella, eight, of Barry, said: "I wasn’t happy (being off school) because I like school and doing my work and seeing my friends.

"I knew it was because of coronavirus, my mum and teachers told me.

“It was scary going to school in case I caught it.

"Coronavirus makes me scared, but I’m happy to spend time at home with my family because my mum and dad are always in work in the day.

"My mum saw on Facebook that children were drawing rainbows for windows to make other people and children happy who are scared.

“I did some and more people wanted them - so I did some more.

"My mum’s friend liked my rainbows and asked if I would make one for her car because she still has to go to work even though everyone else stays home.

“She is a key worker.

"I drew a special design of a rainbow with a smile in it saying, ‘Be kind, I’m a keyworker' and my mum help me laminate them and make them into necklaces and cards for peoples’ cars.

"It takes me about half an hour to do some of them when people ask for them.

“I do them in the living room.

"It’s a rainbow with a smile.

“I call them rainbow smiles.

"My mum leaves them on the doorstep and people come and collect them and we see them out of the window and wave.

"My mum sent some in the post for someone in Swansea who saw it on Facebook and wanted some.

“There are lots of good things on Facebook and people saying I made them happy and they left me gifts to say thank you - chocolate, money and pens and pencils!

"I’m enjoying it and it makes me really happy to make other people happy and be kind."

Mum, Lisa Turner, 35, said: "I’m super proud of Tinkabella and what she has done.

“We didn’t realise so many people would want one.

“She loves drawing anyway so this has been a perfection distraction for her."