A BARRY family grounded in Tenerife due to the coronavirus pandemic have thanked former England football legend, Jamie Redknapp for saving them in their time of difficulty.

Simon Dennis and Shelly McCarthy Dennis, of the Colcot, and Mrs Dennis’ mother, Kay McCarthy, had flown to Tenerife, from Bristol airport, on Tuesday, March 10 - but then days into their holiday Spain went into lockdown to try and contain the spread of the disease.

The trio were staying at Amarilla Golf and Country Club Apartments in San Miguel de Abona when former Liverpool footie star, Jamie Redknapp, – who Kay likes – appeared on TV causing the couple to search the easyJet rescue flights the night before they had originally planned.

Mr Dennis said: “We landed in Bristol about 8.30pm on Thursday (March 19).

“The easyJet flight was full.

”We overheard some of the cabin crew saying they don’t know when they’ll fly again.

“The crew were fantastic.

“We got back to Barry about 10.15pm and needed some supplies.

“We stopped in the One Stop, in Winston Road and walked in and couldn’t believe we were on the front page of the Barry & District News.

“Shelley picked it up and shouted to the few staff and customers, ”We’re home.”

“So, we had a lovely chat and a laugh with them - sharing what it was like to not be let out for four or five days.”

He added: “We’ve heard since that a lot of people are struggling to get flights off the island.

“I think we were quite lucky.

“We have Jamie Redknapp to thank.

“We’d heard easyJet were putting “rescue” flights on their site Monday for passengers to book so we thought we’d go to bed, get up early the next morning and try and book on one.

“Just as we were about to switch the TV off, Jamie Redknapp came on who, the mother-in-law, Kay loves.

“So we decided to stay up for a bit longer and checked the easyJet website and lo and behold the rescue flights were on there.

“So thanks to Jamie, we were one of the first to book on our flight."