A PREGNANT mum has slated authorities after her young daughter was swabbed for coronavirus following a northern Italy stay – but they failed to test her.

Catrina Davies, of Rhoose, and Zoe - two years-old in May - travelled through Gatwick Airport, London Victoria and then boarded a National Express, following a visit to see Zoe’s father and grandparents in Milan.

They stayed 20 miles from Codogno, the first city affected by the coronavirus, and Zoe developed a cold.

Zoe’s test proved negative, but Miss Davies spent days in self-isolation anxious about Zoe, her unborn child, and herself.

Miss Davies, 38, said: “Zoè and I arrived back on Tuesday, February 25 at the south terminal of Gatwick with British Airways from Milan.

“No health questions were asked and no tests were made on myself nor my child at Gatwick airport.”

Miss Davies, who is 10 weeks pregnant, said BA changed her flight dates, for no charge to an earlier date, as coronavirus took effect and she grew concerned.

“British Airways took full responsibility for us which made me feel very secure,” she said.

“It was a gesture that was very nice.”

In Milan, from February 22, the government started putting curfews on clubs and bars and public places - from being able to stay open until 6pm to completely closing to the public.

Miss Davies said: “Zoè went to Bellinzona in Switzerland on Saturday February 22 for the day as it was carnival there.

“When she returned with her father, she had gained a cough.

“Italy were not on top of things straight away, but at least when we landed in Milan on February 15, myself, and Zoè had our temperature checked by scan and we were clear to enter.

“When we landed in London, Gatwick was deserted.

“We were the only flight and customs was literally like a ghost town.

“No questions asked, no checks, no scans, no absolutely nothing.

“I was very shocked.

“We then proceeded to take a National Express coach to Wales, but first stopping at Victoria to change coaches.

“I rang public health wales because a lot of my friends had read that the UK government were asking anyone travelling from north Italy or Tenerife-Spain that when they land, they would be checked and to self-quarantine.

“But to call also NHS Direct and not your GP.

“The public health told us to stay inside and whoever we’d been in contact with to let them know.”

Public Health informed her Zoè would be tested in 48 hours and the results would be known 48 hours later.

“I asked why wasn’t I being tested as I’m also pregnant, my child is 24 hours-a-day with me, and we travelled together.

“They replied there was no need because I’m not showing symptoms.

“If I did in the next 10 days to self-quarantine and they will then check me.

“It made absolutely no sense at all.”

A nurse arrived on February 26, dressed in protective clothing.

“I asked again why wasn’t I being tested?

“As Zoè is in quarantine I should be tested also because I’m pregnant and she replied: “there’s no need, you’re not showing signs, so we won’t.”

“But if my daughter has it, or not, I should be tested because I’m pregnant.

“She couldn’t answer me.

“Nor could public health answer me on why I wouldn’t be tested being also pregnant.

“Public health’s response was: “we don’t know as we are still learning minute by minute.”

“I’m so worried about my unborn child and the health board are not taking more action to all flights landing from Italy.

“It’s not about the self -quarantine that’s bothering me.

“It’s that they haven’t tested me and that I have to wait just because I’m not showing signs.

“It can take up to 28 days for this virus to show.”

Vale MP Alun Cairns said he was sorry to learn of his constituent’s concerns.

“Their wellbeing must be our priority and I will raise any issues with the relevant Authorities,” he said.

“I can reassure everyone that the NHS is well prepared to deal with incidents like this and the government has a clear path to contain and delay the spread of the virus.

“Anyone with concerns should call NHS Direct and not visit their local surgery if they feel that they have become infected.

“Regulations have been put in place to reduce the risk of further human-to-human transmission in this country by keeping individuals in isolation where public health professionals believe there is a reasonable risk an individual may have the virus.

“The UK is one of the first countries to have developed a world-leading test for the new coronavirus and the NHS is ready to respond appropriately to any cases that emerge.

“Clinicians in both primary and secondary care have already received advice covering initial detection and investigation of possible cases, infection prevention and control and clinical diagnostics.

“The Government has also made money available for the development of a vaccine to combat coronavirus.

Vale AM Jane Hutt said: ‘It is important we hear from all those who have travelled from affected areas and I will pass on this experience to public health wales.

“A UK plan for handling coronavirus is being launched by the four governments of the UK.”