A FAMILY’S campaign to bring criminal proceedings against those responsible for a teenager’s tragic death in Magaluf has been put to the prime minister.

Tom Channon, of Rhoose, was in Spain was celebrating finishing his A-levels when he fell about seven floors over a knee-high wall at the Eden Roc complex in July 2018.

And ever since his fatal accident, the family has been pressing for the Spanish authorities to bring criminal proceedings against those with legal responsibility for ensuring safety at the Eden Roc apartment complex in Magaluf.

Tom’s father, John Channon said: “Tom’s accident was entirely preventable and avoidable. The South Wales coroner at Tom’s inquest in June last year said that if only a simple fence had been erected around the wall five weeks earlier - when another young man from Wales fell in the same spot (also mistakenly assuming it was a short cut to the hotel) but nothing was done to make it safe - as was done within a matter of weeks following the pressure that we brought to bear on the municipal authorities and the UK government (through the FCO and the British Consulate) after Tom’s accident - Tom could not have fallen. Some 18 months on we are still pushing to obtain justice for Tom, although in recent months the Spanish authorities in Mallorca have been attempting to close any prospect of criminal proceedings, even though gross negligence is still a criminal offence under Spanish law. It is difficult for us as a family to challenge the Spanish authorities and with the support of the Welsh government and Alun Cairns we are continuing to push the British government to urge the Spanish authorities to instigate criminal proceedings for gross negligence/manslaughter.”

He added: “This is the context for Alun’s intervention on Wednesday at PM’s QT (prime minister’s questions) since it has now become critical to seek the PM’s personal support during PMQT to put pressure on the Spanish authorities to take action under their own legal system. We are extremely grateful to Alun and his team for this support and we truly hope that we shall finally achieve some justice for Tom and help to make such areas safer in the future for our British young people travelling abroad on holiday.”

Addressing the PM, in Parliament, Mr Cairns said: “My constituent Tom Channon tragically died at the Eden Roc Complex in Majorca in July 2018 in an accident that was totally preventable and avoidable. This was just five weeks after Tom Hughes from Wrexham fell to his death at the same site in similar circumstances. Nothing had been done to make the area safe. An independent surveyor’s report shows significant health and safety deficiencies. Tom’s parents, John and Ceri Channon have been calling for a criminal case to be brought against those responsible. Will the PM use all his influence to press the Spanish Authorities to instigate a criminal prosecution that will not only seek Justice for Tom but will also facilitate improved health and safety standards across accommodation in Majorca to help prevent similar tragedies in the future.”

In response, prime minister Boris Johnson said: “I thank my right honourable friend, very much, for raising what sounds like an appalling case and I’m sure the whole House will join with me in expressing our deepest sympathies to Tom’s family and friends. To seek justice for Tom, I am very happy to ask the foreign office to begin talks with him and then, of course, our Spanish counterparts.”