GUESTS visiting and staying on a Barry farm are discovering that they can have an up-close and personal encounter with Nessa and Smithy.

New Farm B&B has named two of its calves, born following the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special, after the popular TV comedy characters.

Calving started on Sunday, January 5 this year.

Cattle manager and farm director, Rhys Hardy said: “We thought we’d ask our followers on our social media for their input on naming the first calf.

“Obviously being a farm in Barry the most common name we received was Nessa, which we thought was quite fitting from the success of the Christmas’s special.

“A few days later we had another arrival but this time the calf was male and without question we named him Smithy.

“They are both Limousin cross calves and are currently in sheds on the farm until this spring.

“When the weather improves when they’ll spend all of the summer outside with their mothers.”

Mr Hardy added: “We farm 500 acres – 50 per cent grass and 50 per cent arable - compromising of wheat, barley, and beans.

“The manure from the cattle helps our crops grow and reduces our use of artificial fertilisers.

“Our meat is sold locally at Barrett’s butchers in Rhoose and we also supply Three horseshoes in Moulton and Potted Pig in Cardiff to name a few.

“We also run a B&B which is a big part of our business.

“We get a lot of visitors wanting to stay on a working farm and we are happy to show them around and ask any questions they may have.

“The only other animals we have on the farm are our chickens which usually pop up on our social media platforms - the guests in the B&B always get fresh eggs for breakfast.”

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