A TEENAGE teenage boy was brutally murdered at a docklands yard after being chased through a seaside town, a court has heard.

Harry Baker, 17, was "ruthlessly hunted" for a mile by a relentless gang before he tried to hide at the industrial site.

But a court heard Harry was followed over a fence and killed in a "a swift, bloody, and merciless attack”.

A murder trial was told his clothes were stripped from his body and he was stabbed to death.

Seven men and a 16-year-old boy are accused of Harry's murder at the docklands site in Barry.

Prosecutor Paul Lewis QC said Harry's body was found by workers arriving for their early morning shifts.

He said: "Harry Baker was lying face down on the ground.

"He had been repeatedly stabbed and his clothing had been stripped from his body.

"He was brutally murdered.

"Harry Baker was deliberately targeted as a victim.

"He was ruthlessly hunted down by people who were determined to harm him."

Newport Crown Court heard Harry, of Cardiff, had started selling drugs in Barry and was attacked by dealers who felt he was "on their turf".

Mr Lewis said Harry was chased "through the town for a distance of about a mile by an armed and deadly gang.

"Harry took refuge in a secure compound and he no doubt thought he would be safe there but he was not.

"His killers were determined.

"They then subjected him to a swift, bloody and merciless attack before fleeing the scene."

Nathan Delafontaine, 32, Raymond Thompson, 47, Lewis Evans, 61, Leon Symons, 21, Ryan Palmer, 33, Peter McCarthy, 36, and a 16-year-old boy all deny murder.

Leon Clifford, 22, has admitted manslaughter and told police he climbed into the compound and stabbed Harry but also denies murder.

Mr Lewis said the group had acted "in joint enterprise" to murder Harry in August last year.

He said: "All of them either themselves attacked and stabbed Mr Baker or otherwise they intentionally provided their encouragement and support to those who did. All of them are guilty of murder.

"They took umbrage because Harry Baker had ripped them off or had come onto their turf and stolen their business. And it is because of drugs that he was murdered."

Palmer, Symons, McCarthy, Thompson, Delafontaine, and the 16-year-old also deny violent disorder while Evans denies a charge of assisting an offender.

The trial, in front of Mr Justice Picken, is expected to last six weeks.