FROM the Archive this week features a photograph of Barry Dock and the Dock Office from 1914.

There's so much going on in this photo it's hard to know where to start.

There is a large congregation of men behind Barry Graving Dock Engineering Co. Limited and it is only speculation about why they were there.

At this time in 1914 there was a great deal of unrest in the local dock workforce.

Angry over low pay and foreigners taking their jobs, there were a number of mass meetings and strikes at Barry Dock.

James Henson Bristol Channel Secretary of the Seaman's Union gave a tub-thumping speech to seamen in early June 1914 with the motto "Strike hard, strike home and strike for liberty."

On July 28, 1914 the First World War started and suddenly priorities of the town and its' people changed.

The Barry & District News would like to thank Cllr Shirley Hodges for the photograph and information.

If you have an old Barry photograph you would like to see included, with information about what it depicts, email