A PROPOSAL to turn The Knap bus stop into a ‘micro museum for nature, peace, and friendship, has seen the Vale council state it will make the shelter safe.

Artist, Glyn Pooley said that the bus stop in The Knap was “deteriorating to a condition that is becoming a possible risk”.

“Over the past few weeks both front walls either side of the open door have moved off their foundation,” he said.

“If this continues further this may lead to parts of the roof falling.

“It would be a shame to see this unique little bit of history being lost through neglect.”

Mr Pooley, of Canonhill artspace, Canon Street, Barry, added: “Maybe some of the 106 development money available could be used to turn it into an asset for the area?

“A micro museum for nature, peace, and friendship could include heritage photos of The Knap including the park itself and photos or artwork of the community coming together past and present.

“It could be run by one of the many historical or community groups in our town and could be part of a network of other micro museums around Barry each with their own story to tell.

“This may one day lead to a large central museum.”

Vale council head of neighbourhood services and transport, Emma Reed said: “Council officers will inspect the shelter structure and undertake any work necessary to make it safe.

“We are also currently in the process of bidding for funding to upgrade bus shelter provision in this area.”