THERE have been some unusual prizes at the Empire Bingo and Social Club, Barry, in the past.

For instance, the milk strike the first 70 people in the club received a free carton of milk.

But the latest is the limit.

The prize for a full house on Saturday (January 24) is – a man.

Yes, a fully-grown handsome, six-foot specimen of virile manhood.

And he’s the winner’s for 24 hours to do their bidding, as they please – and it’s all in aid of charity.

There were gasps of disbelief when the announcement was made by club manager, Mr Hal Diamond.

One regular member, Mrs Hilary Jones, of Cadoxton, said, “The mind boggles at the possibilities.

“The only problem is – what would my husband say if I took the prize home.”

The club owners, Mr Simove and Mr Abrahams explained, “The idea is to raise money for the Barry hostel for handicapped children.

“Special cards on sale at a shilling a time all this week, will be played on Saturday night.”

The club has already raised £300 towards a children’s playground and £350 towards a colour television set complete with licence which is to be presented within the next few weeks.

The identity of the bingo prize will also be revealed.

So far, all the organisers will say is that he comes from Edmonton in London; he has played football for a famous London club and Middlesex county; he has appeared for a university athletic’s team and is an expert at judo, karate and weight-lifting.

“I have done pretty well everything in the way of spare time jobs from washing dishes in a café to working in a ladies’ hairdressing salon,” says the dark-haired, neatly bearded prize.

“I have worked as an ice-cream salesman, managed a tailor’s shop and worked as an extra at Elstree.

At Easter I am taking a job on an oil rig and in the summer will try my luck in the United States.

“I am prepared to do anything except murder, for whoever wins me.”

JENNER Park Junior School is one of 34 schools in South Wales which will be hit by a wave of teachers’ strikes, starting next Tuesday, by members of the National Union of Teachers.