EDUCATION inspector, Estyn has judged Barry’s Holton Primary to be “good” in all areas following a visit in October 2019.

The judgement, announced in December, concluded the school fared well with regards to its standards; wellbeing and attitudes to learning; teaching and learning experiences; care, support and guidance; and also leadership and management.

The report said: “The school works well to ensure that pupils are happy in school and achieve to their full potential.

“The work of the school’s nurture provision is a key part of this.

“All leaders place the interest of the pupils at the heart of their work.

“They know the school well and are working successfully to develop their skills in school improvement.

“This is leading to strong progress in the key areas of the school’s work, such as ensuring consistently positive pupil behaviour.”

“Nearly all pupils enjoy school and feel safe and secure,” the report stated.

“Their behaviour in lessons around the school and at playtimes is exemplary.

“They show care and respect for one another and contribute greatly to the nurturing ethos of the school.

“Staff greet each other with courtesy and treat adults and pupils with respect.

“This helps to create a calm and purposeful learning environment.

“Across the school learning support assistants provide effective support for pupils.”

“The school’s focus on ensuring that pupils attain high levels of emotional and physical wellbeing is central to its inclusive ethos.”

Focusing on leadership, the report concluded: “The head teacher is developing a strong vision for the school based on ensuring that all pupils achieve to their full potential.

“She places a strong emphasis on developing the leadership skills of all staff to encourage their participation in school improvement.

“Senior leaders develop effective processes to support the work of the school.

“The governing body works conscientiously to support the school and understands well the challenges it faces.

“Leaders ensure a varied range of professional learning opportunities for staff.”

Chairwoman of governors, Tina Champ said she had been through three inspection reports.

“They do not get any easier,” she said.

“The progress we have made in the last 18 months have been born out with the achievements shown in our Estyn report.

“Our vision in the appointment of Mrs Satterly was to take our school and its pupils forward and giving them the best possible outcomes and opportunities.

“This report is witness to the clear progress already made under Mrs Satterly’s leadership.

“It has resulted in the need for many changes and I would like to thank Mrs Satterly and the staff who have been a major support in bringing our vision to this stage.

“Our aim for the future is to improve on what we have already achieved, as our report says, we are putting in place measures ready for the implementation of the new national curriculum this will see a changes in the way the children are taught and changes to the way our staff deliver the curriculum.

“This is a national agenda and one which we will deliver for the children’s future.”

Head teacher, Angela Satterly said: “I am so proud of what our children have achieved, the improvements to behaviour and the way in which the children contribute to the caring, nurturing ethos that is a central feature of the school.

Well done everyone!