A CAT found hanging around a care home in Barry has been safely reunited with his owners who live nine-and-a-half miles away in Cardiff.

Shadow, a young tabby cat, was spotted loitering around the home and taken to Maes Glas veterinary surgery, in Salisbury Road, Barry, where staff were able to trace him by scanning his chip.

His family, Louise Davies and her six-year-old son Xavier Powell, of Pontcanna, Cardiff, were delighted to be reunited with the mischievous kitty – three weeks after he went missing.

Ms Davies, 44, said: “We have had him since May when he just left his mum and to be honest he has been a villain getting into trouble and causing havoc.

“It feels like we spent the summer at the vets with him.

“He was squished by a basketball – vet’s bill £600.

“He had a broken toe - vet’s bill £1200.

“Then missing all over Christmas and New Year.

“I have nearly had a breakdown over him.

“My six-year-old son hasn't caused me this much worry.”

“Although the house was nice and quiet with him being gone since December 19, we have missed him terribly,” she said.

“I haven't slept properly in three weeks.

“After the call off the vets to say he had been found, well it was overwhelming just so happy he is home and so glad I got him chipped.

“The vets' in Salisbury Road said someone had had handed him in as he had been hanging around a care home there for a few days.

“I called the vets back later to ask if they had details of the person who handed him in as I would like to thank them, but they were closed.

“I just don't understand how he got to Barry and not a mark on him.

“There are so many animals missing I now know.

“There are groups such as South Wales lost and found on Facebook amongst others which are very helpful.”