A SOCIAL media proposal for some of Barry Island's beach huts to be licensed as wedding ceremony venues has so far seen around 20 individual responses and 679 votes.

The proposal, published on Twitter, asks: “ We are considering licensing some of the #BarryIsland beach huts for #weddings and civil ceremonies.

"We'd love to know what you think of this as a potential venue?”

The beach huts are located at the eastern end of Whitmore Bay, near Nell’s Point.

Vale council deputy leader and cabinet member for education and regeneration, Cllr Lis Burnett said: “In an effort to provide ever more appealing venues for weddings and civil partnerships, we thought our beach huts at might be an ideal location for a couple’s big day.

“They occupy a lovely spot overlooking the sea, built as part of extensive council regeneration of Barry Island, and offer a picturesque backdrop for such a special occasion.

“We already offer the opportunity to hold ceremonies at Cosmeston and Porthkerry country parks, and after asking whether the beach huts represented another great venue, the response on social media was overwhelmingly positive, with lots of constructive ideas and comments for us to consider.”

In response, Barrybados owner, Louis Ross said: “It’s possible.

"But I think the main issue would be, what happens if it’s 30 degrees and peak season.

"There won’t be anywhere for the wedding guests to park.

“It’s hard to park on a busy day now and car parks can fill up quickly.

“Not to mention thousands of people walking past the huts."

He added: “It has potential but I’d consider a lot of factors such as parking, number of people, seasonal attributes.”

Barry Island resident Andy Green, of BarryIdeasBank, said: “Great idea.”

Gareth Williams said: “I've been saying for ages to allow businesses to use them as pop up stores!

"I'm desperate to use one."

Michael Knowles said: "Cheap wedding with a lush view, I don’t see how anyone could object."

"A nice idea, however, the main concern I would have would be, potentially, privatising public space.

"The ceremony is unlikely to be contained within the hut, and apart from the immediate space in front of the huts, the rest is public space," wrote Michael Richards who added: "How would this be balanced or managed?

Missyxx tweeted: "Would it then not restrict the public's general use of the areas in front of the huts?

"You'd have wedding guests taking over the public path with kids from the beach running through wedding parties.

"I'd feel uncomfortable walking through a group of wedding people."

Tenko-Dragon said: "Personally if I were to wed on Barry Island, I’d prefer to have the ceremony either on the headland or on top of the eastern shelter."

Helen Reynolds, replying to the Vale council added: "Lovely idea!

"If we hadn’t already booked the lush @PenarthPavilion for ours, I’d be biting your hand off!"