A NEW television series set to ask how much we really know about the animals that we put on our plates will feature a Barry family in its third instalment.

Channel 4’s Meat the Family features four meat-loving families who have shared their homes with the animals they’d normally serve up.

For three weeks the learned all about the animals while living up close and personal with them.

Dad-of-three Steffan said: “We chatted to the production company Spun Gold about the idea.

“They wanted to use four very different families and see how they would cope after a month of looking after different livestock; what they would learn along the way and what choices they would make after bonding with them for four weeks – to send them to be slaughtered and have to eat them or to send them to a sanctuary and become vegetarian. Without revealing anything, the outcomes turned out not to be what we expected!

“Nicky was really keen to give our kids, Manon, Lleucu and Osian a chance to experience something they would never otherwise have done.

“Our family is a mixture of vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat-lovers.

“It was a chance to understand our relationship with animals, with food and particularly meat and to gain a wider understanding of the effect our lifestyle has on the planet.”

The family had to look after male dairy calves in their back garden.

“We fed them and looked after them for about a month,” Steffan said.

“During this time our back garden was converted into a small holding with the proper fencing and accommodation for the calves, who we named Tomos and Bedwyr!

“We got up early to look after them and feed them.”

Osian and Steffan travelled to Catalonia to learn more about how the cattle are reared there and how they eat the entire animal.

They ate all sorts of different parts of the animal.

Steffan also went to Nebraska and visited Feed-Lots which farm as many as half a million cattle for their beef.

The massive scale of the Feed-Lots was best appreciated from a small plane as he flew over them.

Steffan said: “We all learned so much about so many things – cause and effect – good and bad on an environmental, health, cultural and ethical level.

“The conversations that have been struck up between us have certainly caused changes in lifestyle for all the members of the family and we’ve all been affected in different ways.”

He added: “None of us are ever too old to learn and making this programme was as humbling as it was enthralling.

“More than anything, I hope that the audience at home will be entertained as well as educated – you won’t find any preaching or judgements in this series – just a programme with some breath-taking footage and astonishing discoveries – with a few wry comedic moments peppered throughout.”

Steffan, Nicky, Manon, Lleucu, and Osian feature in the episode to be broadcast on Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday, January 22.