A PHOTOGRAPHER has produced his eighth calendar which this time, for 2020, celebrates the beautiful and diverse coast and parkland of Barry and Barry Island

Callum Hamilton, 54, of Barry, but originally from Bromley, Kent and Greater London, has featured 96 images since his first calendar was launched in 2013.

Mr Hamilton, who formerly worked in insurance, is currently self-employed on a small scale as a photographer.

He said: “Since my youth I’ve always enjoyed landscape photography probably influenced by the fact that both my father and older brother did too.

“I liked being out and about and I liked to have a photographic record of where I went and what I saw whether on holiday or just locally.

“Nowadays the desire to get the image can often be the primary motive for venturing out in the first place.”

“I like to have a mix of immediately recognisable Barry ‘icons’ such as the beach huts at Barry Island or Porthkerry viaduct, but also lesser known spots such as the beach, which is hidden at high tide, by Bull’s Nose,” he said.

“I always seek to get a balance between various elements including different weather, light, seasons, compositions and locations.

“For the most part I want places to be recognisable but also seen afresh by, for example, shooting a less familiar composition.

“I hope that I make Barry look inviting and that people, whether residents or from further afield, see the place anew and are tempted out more themselves.

“I want each monthly image to look suitable in terms of the seasons, but for a particular month I don’t limit myself to images shot in that month.

“It’s a bonus when you come across an interesting feature that’s not normally present, such as the washed-up tree branch.

“I enjoy seeing something familiar in an unfamiliar context.

“I like the Porthkerry viaduct shot as don’t often have snow.”

He added: “The key is simply getting out there as often as possible, paying attention and once you've seen a shot just asking yourself whether there is anything you can do to make this a

better photo?

“Moving just a few inches can make all the difference.”

“Mostly the sales are through outlets so I’m unsure, but I know they’ve gone to Germany, Poland, France, The Netherlands and further afield too to the USA and Australia and I think I was told one went to China.”

The calendar is available from The Beach Hut and Marco's Café, in Barry Island; Homemade Wales and Cwtch Coffee in High Street; King Square post office,

Holton Road; The Lake Shop in The Knap; and Selley’s One Stop, in Park Crescent, Barry.

The calendar costs £10.99.

For details, visit callumhamiltonphotography.co.uk or contact@callumhamiltonphotography.co.uk