A GRANDMOTHER has created a bespoke quilt in a tribute to the soldiers who have died in the wartime since World War One.

Kathy James, 61, of Holton Road, Barry, spent up to 60 hours creating a stunning poppy themed quilt.

The grandmother-of-six was inspired to feature the poppies in her attic windows quilting class project as a result of her 61-year-old husband, Paul, and son's military backgrounds.

The retired cleaner attends a Vale class, which has around 20 female members, from 9.30am to 3.30pm on a Monday and Wednesday every week.

Mrs James said: “I go to a quilting class.

"We call ourselves the Wenvoe quilters in Wenvoe community centre

“We have a tutor and she does different things.

“This came out – the window – and I said I definitely want to do it.

“It’s called attic windows.

“You buy a panel and then you cut it and then you put the window sills at the side to make the actual window.

“My tutor came across the pictures.

“There were Christmas ones and then there were poppies and I said: ‘Oh, I love the poppies,’ so we tried everywhere to get them on the internet.”

She added: “It took me two weeks to do.

“The material is 100 per cent cotton.

“When I bought the panel I think it’s about 3 metres x 2 metres.

“You cut it into nine squares and then you add to it to make your window which makes it that much bigger.

“It took 50 to 60 hours because I did the back at home to get it finished.

“It was different, because I’d never tried it before – to watch it grow was great.

“I thought ‘oh my goodness, wow’ and when it was coming together I showed my husband and he went ‘oh’ because we’re all patriotic because he and my son were was in the services

“I am going to put it on the wall because you have to somewhere where you can look at it.

"I loved doing it.

“It was just such a beautiful picture.

“It means a lot.”