A FAMILY has launched an appeal to trace an anonymous woman whose random act of kindness brought joy into what had been an upsetting day.

Sarah Sims wants to thank the woman who consoled her nine-year-old son Ashton after he lost his football kit in a Barry park, returned him safely home, and then later pushed a note and cash through their letterbox.

Ms Sims, 36, of Greenacres, Barry, said she now hopes to continue the good deed.

The single mum-of-three said: “My son was playing football in the park. He had all his kit on him in a draw-string bag, shin pads, and shoes and he left it in the goals area while he played, him and his friend. He left and realised he didn’t have his bag. He ran back to the park and couldn’t find it anywhere.

“This is when he got really distressed and was crying and soaked through. The lady walking the dog tried to help him, but couldn’t see it, so walked him home to me.

“He was inconsolable, worried we wouldn’t be able to afford to replace all his stuff. The lovely lady with the dog was like a fairy godmother, bringing my upset boy home to me and then said she would go out and see if she could find it. It took me a while to calm Ashton down. He was so upset. I put Ashton in the bath. I heard something posted.

“When I came downstairs it was the envelope and inside the letter and notes. It made me so teary as this beautiful person did such a selfless act to put a smile on my boys face. He was ecstatic. I just want to reach out to this wonderful person and show our appreciation.”

The letter read: “I remember when I was little and lost something I was so upset and we had no money to replace it either,” before adding: “...work hard and do something nice for someone.”

Ms Sims, who works at Snap Fitness and runs her own gym, Cardio Core Fitness, said she was going to donate membership money.

“Ashton wants to do something for the homeless as he was so cold he was shivering in the rain and said how awful it must be for homeless people,” she added.

“This beautiful kind gesture that has encouraged my children to want to give back and do something nice for others. What a valuable beautiful lesson to teach my child.”