BARRY Bike Club celebrated an "amazingly" successful year by hosting its annual celebration event at Ty Iolo Play area on Tuesday, October 15.

Vale Homes and the community investment team, in partnership with Pedal Power, set up the Bike Club with the aim to reduce health inequalities through targeted support that increases physical activity.

By partnering up with Pedal Power (a local charity bike organisation based in Cardiff) the bike club sessions help promote cycling and involve children from the ages of four to 11 to become active, healthy and happy.

Bike Club has run successfully since its revamp in April 2017 and this year the scheme has expanded into the Western Vale working with children at St Athan Primary School.

A local parent said: "My boy and girl can now ride a bike unaided and they both have more confidence.

"This had a major impact during the summer holidays as we were able to go on bike rides as a family.”

Through the Vale Homes community investment programme the Bike Club has continued to flourish.

Vale council community investment officer, Mark Elis said: "Having been involved in this project for three years now I am delighted to see the progress Bike Club has had in the community.

"Involving over 300 children in total the project has had a really positive impact including this year 31 children who have learnt to ride a bike.

Pedal Power director Sian O’Donovan attended the celebration event and handed out certificates and medals to all participants.

Pedal Power cycling instructor, Sam Farnfield said: “It’s been a privilege to attend both Bike Clubs and see the improvements made by children learning to ride a bike and how much fun they have in the process – in my eyes they are all mini super heroes.”

A new Summer Bike club was set up in St Athan Primary School where 17 children attended the sessions during the summer holidays.

Head teacher, Louise Haynes said: “The Bike club was run very efficiently through the summer with access for all abilities.

"Pedal Power worked in a very supportive and encouraging way ensuring success for all pupils involved.

"The whole experience was an extremely positive one for our children and our community.

"School governor and Vale Councillor, John Thomas was gave out the medals and certificates at the school assembly.