FROM the Archive this week features a photograph of Broad Street in Barry.

In 1903 one of the most popular sports in Barry was competitive walking.

Broad Street was the starting point for the 1903 Barry Railway Employees walking contest, with more than 40 entries.

The course was from Broad Street to Park Crescent, Weycock Cross, Wenvoe, Colcot and back, around 16 miles.

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The winner Mr C. Pavey managed to complete the walk in 2 hours 37 minutes and 45 seconds though his heel to toe technique was scrutinised by the committee after complaints, so keen was the level of rivalry.

Other walking contests in 1903 included the Coaltrimmers walk ending at The Castle Hotel.

The Barry Shop Assistance Walk from Cross Keys through Llantwit Major ending also at The Castle Hotel.

The Barry Butchers walk which started at The Castle Hotel followed by a walk to Aberthaw and back.

The Barry & District News would like to thank Cllr Shirley Hodges for the photograph and information.

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