AROUND 200 schnauzers and 250 owners braved damp conditions to take part in the fifth annual Schnauzerfest 2019, in Barry Island, on Sunday, October 13.

The participants formed one of Wales’s four Schnauzerfest’s, held on the weekend, with meetups held nationwide and around £50,000 raised across the UK.

Schnauzerfest is an annual charity fundraising event, which gathers lots of schnauzers and humans together for walks up and down the country.

Every penny donated to Schnauzerfest goes to the registered charity, the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC).

Barry Island Schnauzerfest organiser, Nick Rutter, of Caerphilly, said: “It’s the fifth on Barry Island and we expected 200.

“We will be walking to Jackson's Bay and back.

“It’s much bigger than last year.

“Most schnauzers hate the water, but it’s cleared up.

“It’s raising awareness of puppy farms and money goes towards dogs’ treatment.

“I’d like to thank Marco (Zeraschi) for helping to make it happen.”

Chris Lewis, 34, of Neath, and Greig Murray, 42, of Cardiff, walked the route with six-year-old mini schnauzer, Bridget.

“We’ve been coming for the last five years just to see all kinds of schnauzers,” he said.

“It’s great fun.

“There’s lots of characters and it’s good for charity.”

Helen Rice, 72, and husband Patrick, 76, of Swansea, and three-and-a-half year-old, Max, have been taking part for three years.

“It’s a great atmosphere,” Mrs Rice said.

Aimee Wingstedt, 14, of Cardiff, took part with four-year-old mini schnauzers Frankie and eight-year-old Penny.

Aimee, who has been a long-time campaigner against puppy farms and taken the cause to parliament, said: “Penny has been helped by Schnauzerfest.

“She was from a puppy farm and has had treatment for a heart condition and heart murmurs which she has still got.”

Trevor Laidlaw, 60, of Cardiff, and Carol Rogers, 53, of Tongwynlais, took part with the youngest schnauzer, 15-week-old Halle.

“We just spotted it online.

“It’s noisy, but great fun.

“The dogs are lovely – so many different colours and sizes.”

Meanwhile, Zack – a chou chou, of Caerphilly, became an honorary schnauzer for the day – tagging on at the tail end of the pack.

Owner, Paul Nott, 56, said: “I saw it on the internet and now I’ve seen this one we’ll do more.”

All the money raised goes towards helping dogs saved from terrible backgrounds get all the care and veterinary treatment they need, so they can go on to have good lives.

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