AN APPLICATION to store highly hazardous substances on an industrial site bordering Sully and Barry, near children’s, young people’s, and charity base premises, has been inadequately publicised, it has been claimed.

An application for consent for the storage of arsine and phosphine at Unit 218, Sully Moors Road, Barry, by R&A Properties Cardiff Limited, was advertised in the public notice section of a newspaper, on March 21.

The unit is sited in a location, which features Coconuts Play Centre, Ty Hafan children’s hospice, Shua animal shelter, and Scope Day Centre and Beechwood College, nearby.

But immediate neighbouring companies Hexion UK Limited and Barry Training Services contest the application received little notice.

A notice was discovered, fallen, at the foot of a perimeter fence.

Following complaints, the Vale council has extended the scope of the consultation.

In a strongly worded letter, dated July 23, which the Vale council removed from its website, Hexion UK manufacturing director, Paul Meakin wrote: “This is a significant application which needs full awareness of all the immediate neighbours.

“There has been no contact from either the VoG Council nor from the applicant, R and A Properties.

“Hexion has not been consulted over this application and therefore could not have made a response.

The claim that a notice has been placed on our fence line is correct, but it has been placed in a position where no-one would pass it.

“On becoming aware of the application, the fence line was checked and the notice was found.

“It had slipped down and is practically hidden from view.

“According to the application the window for responses has been missed – I don’t believe this can be the case as reasonable steps were not taken to make immediate neighbours aware.”

The letter further said: “The substances to be stored reach the threshold of Upper Tier under the control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations 2015 (COMAH).

“Nothing in this application indicates the applicant is familiar with these regulations.

“Hexion is also a COMAH site and as such should be in close consultation with the applicant to understand if our COMAH events can significantly affect each other – ‘Domino’ effects.

“The lack of consultation is a real concern.”

Barry Training Services, also on Sully Moors Road, also said that like, Hexion, it had had not been notified

Plaid opposition leader, Cllr Ian Johnson has asked the Vale council for more information about the application.

He said: ““Neighbouring businesses to the site are concerned about what might happen with these substances stored there, and the major impact if something were to go wrong.”

“Sully Community Council and councillors have been consulted on this application, but given the location of the site is so close to Barry, the Vale council should also ensure that Barry Town Council are consulted on this and future applications.

"The public in Barry have a right to know what's on their doorstep."

A Vale council spokesman said an application to store hazardous substances was made on Monday, April 29 and was currently due to be determined by Friday, September 27, though this deadline may be extended.

He said: “The applicant is required to display a site notice on the land for at least seven of the 21 days preceding the application and after receiving a copy of this notice and photographic evidence of its position, we are satisfied that this duty has been carried out. A notice was also placed in the local press on March 21, while the relevant documents are available to view on the council’s website.

“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been consulted on the situation, along with a number of other relevant individuals and organisations, including: the chief fire officer, Wales & West Utilities, Western Power, Natural Resources Wales, Sully Community Council, Sully ward members and shared regulatory services.

“Representations have also been received from nearby occupiers and landowners.

“Following local interest, the council intends to extend the scope of the consultation to include other occupiers or landowners in the vicinity, Barry Town Council and Cadoc ward members, which will go beyond the normal legislative requirements.”