A GROUP of community-spirited children have used their school holiday to clean up a Barry residential estate.

Eleven-year-old Cayden Edwards, who joins Ysgol Bro Morgannwg in September, cousins Yousef Osman, six and Sara Osman, nine, of High Street Primary, and Noah Edwards, of Ysgol Sant Curig, spent a day cleaning up The Colcot area.

Their efforts enabled them to fill five bags with rubbish, which their grandad Terry Edwards, who accompanied them, will take home to dispose of – conforming to the two-bin bag rule.

They collected the rubbish from around parks, playing fields, and streets.

Mum, Nicola Edwards said: “Since November last year they take their nana and grandad’s dog for a walk with their grandad along Port Road East and see the same rubbish every week.

“Their grandad bought litter pickers for all the children and the children were excited to spend an hour cleaning which turned into a full day collecting five bin bags of rubbish - from bottles, wrappers, and newspapers.

“It was a miserable day with the rain and so they knew play centres would be busy so they put on their rain coats and had more fun.

“We are so proud of their team work and spirit to help the community.

“Myself, and Heather Osman, are thankful for our dad, Terry Edwards, for making this fun for the children and not a chore.

“They are looking forward to going out around Barry collecting more rubbish again.

“Thank you to their grandad for taking them around the streets and for the lovely lady who came out of her house with cakes for the children.”