UK pub chain Wetherspoon has been instructed to remove a carpet it installed as part of its £715,000 refurbishment.

Barry Town councillors unanimously voted to request the mat - featuring the town’s coat of arms - in the Sir Samuel Romilly, Broad Street, be “removed as soon as practically possible”.

Councillors at the full council meeting, on Monday, July 22, heard that Wetherspoon had retrospectively sought permission for the mat to be laid.

Every Wetherspoon pub is characterised by a uniquely-designed carpet and a Facebook group and book – Wetherspoons carpets – pays tribute to the feature.

Plaid town councillor, Mark Hooper said: “I was really pleased that it was unanimously accepted by the rest of the council and there was no dissension.

“We all felt Wetherpoons should not have behaved in the way it did.

“The crest is not for commercial entities – it is used by community clubs and allowing this would open the floodgates.

“It will be interesting to see how Wetherspoons react.”

In a further tweet, Cllr Hooper added: “Imagine how they would react if another organisation chose to use their branding without permission.

“Wetherspoon can stick their carpet!

“The little guys aren’t always beaten by the big guys.”

In a letter, dated July 23, town clerk Emily Forbes said the council would have been minded to refuse permission for the coat of arms to be used.

The Coat of Arms is patented and granted on behalf of the Sovereign in 1939 to the Town Council for its own exclusive use.

The letter cited reasons for the objection which included the commercial nature of the company requesting use and it being a licensed premises; a misalignment of values with the company’s brand (the council being a living wage employer and banning zero hours’ contracts); a lack of local community benefits for Barry (the carpet being manufactured outside of Wales); and a lack of respect for the Coat of Arms (being walked on and having furniture placed on it).

Councillors also observed that the explanatory artwork had misspelled Cadernid (stability) as Canernid.

Wetherspoon spokesman, Eddie Gershon said: “The carpet has been laid in good faith as part of £700,000 refurbishment of our pub in Barry.

“This refurbishment has shown our commitment to the town, its residents and our employees.

“The Twitter debate over the carpet appears to be politically motivated and is at odds with the conversation we have had with the town council’s chief officer who praised the carpet.

“There has been no formal contact from the council on this matter.

“For the time being and until there are further discussions, the carpet will remain in situ.”

He added: “The crest was chosen because Wetherspoon, unlike many other pub operators, always likes to reflect the history of a town and that is what we have done in terms of the carpet, historical photos and information in the pubs.

Wetherspoon is well known for its individual carpets for each of its pubs.”

He added that the chain was unsure about the Welsh language explanation, featured in the premises, and it would look at that.

The Sir Samuel Romilly will declare its refurbishment officially completed on Thursday, August 1.