RESIDENTS in two Barry streets have voiced anger after TV crews and hundreds of Gavin and Stacey fans descended on the location.

Neighbours in Trinity Street, where the cast are making the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, complained they were kept up all night by bright lights.

And occupants in nearby Wenvoe Terrace have shared their concerns.

They said the flood of spectators was making them miserable as people tried to glimpse the comedy stars as late as 3am.

Laura Davies, 40, of Trinity Street, the set for BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey's Christmas special, said: "I phoned the council to complain about road closures when they aren't even filming.

“It is stopping me from getting out and about to take the children to school.

"They are filming all through the night too using bright spotlights that are keeping me up.

"Fans lounge on all of the neighbours’ cars and our front walls.

"This weekend we had people throwing rubbish into our gardens.

"Sometimes the crew move spectators back to the top of the street, but otherwise they are just sat outside our windows.

"Every single person in this street is unhappy."

Neighbour, Neil Evans said: "It's mad people are still outside our door at 3am.

“One family sat on the pavement with a takeaway and made an evening of it."

Resident, Lynnmarie Mayberry added: "The crew have been disrespectful to us locals.

"Security staff were banging on everyone's front doors telling them to move their cars.

“Even someone with a disability parking space who needs it.

“This was about two or more hours before the road was due to be cornered off.

"I feel there could be more done to make residents feel a little bit calmer and less disrupted about the filming.

"They should also have measures in place to stop fans from using local resident's walls as stepping stones to try and view the action.

"People live in those homes that they're invading the garden on.

“Particularly vulnerable people at that and it should be the staff's priority to make sure they feel safe."

Familiar faces from the hit BBC sitcom have been filming in Barry and Barry Island since July 12.

Wenvoe Terrace resident, John Hartland said there was chaos on July 13 and 14.

Mr Hartland said: “When the production company wrote to the residents informing them that they would be filming for the two days we were told that Trinity Street would be closed from 3pm on the Saturday.

“We expected some disruption during the period having experienced the making of the original series, but not what actually happened.

“Visitors were parking in any space available and abandoning their cars before walking up to the set there was no room to pass another car or turn in the Terrace.

“Visitors drove up the length of the street until they were stopped by the film crews and then proceeded to reverse the length of the terrace back to Porthkerry Road before they could turn more often than not encountering other cars driving up the street causing arguments to break out.

“Alongside the traffic chaos visitors with toddlers and push chairs walked in between and around the traffic.

“Nobody wants to stop filming in the town.

“Almost anything that promotes Barry is welcome, but the film crew, council, and police must bear some responsibility for what was happening and cannot ignore the lack of organisation and preparation especially if they want to obtain the future co-operation of residents.

“The streets around Trinity Street are not designed for large visitor numbers.”

A Vale council spokesman said: “We are delighted to have Gavin and Stacey back in Barry and know that the vast majority of local residents feel the same.

“On Christmas Day millions of people in the UK are going to get a reminder of what makes this town such a special place.

“The number of fans that have come out to catch a glimpse of the filming is testament not just to the popularity of Gavin and Stacey but also to how iconic locations such as Barry Island now are.

“The council has worked with the production company to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum.

“While it is disappointing to hear some fans have behaved irresponsibly this has certainly not been typical.

“Since the return of Gavin and Stacey was announced our tourism team have been inundated with requests for information on the locations featured in the programme and we are expecting a busier summer than ever at Barry Island as a result.

“This means more money being spent in the town and another step towards the resort being recognised as one of the UK’s best destinations.”

Co-writers James Corden and Ruth Jones thanked fans for their support by laying on free ice-cream on Sunday, July 14.