THREE good causes taking part in the Asda Barry green token giving programme are to benefit equally after an incident of “cheating” was discovered.

A customer notice, posted in store, said: “It is with regret that today 22/06/2019 we have been informed of cheating with the green coins.

“As we take this very seriously, I have decided to withdraw with immediate effect this quarter that was due to end this June.

“We have no other option than to go with the last officially recorded weights (18.05.2019).

“The weights will be announced on Friday 28th June once the schools have been informed.”

The Asda Foundation community programme involves customers depositing a green disc in a box allocated to one of three charities or good causes.

The good causes are nominated by residents and staff select three to benefit each quarter.

Shoppers choose their favourite, but it is believed someone had broken the Perspex box, and then removed tokens and transferred them to one of the other schools.

CCTV operates in the foyer area where the giving scheme is typically located.

An Asda spokesman said: “We are proud that our community champions can support so many great local causes each month and it’s great that our customers can vote for their favourite with our green token boards.

Unfortunately, there was some damage to the board in our Barry store this month so we couldn’t determine a winner, however we are happy to confirm we will split the pot between all three charities.”