A RESCUE dog from Cyprus will lead the way as walkers bid to raise money to build a war memorial in Sully.

Mimi, who is believed to be around four years old will be joined by her canine pal Sidney as they lead people on a sponsored walk in Sully on Sunday, June 30.

Mimi, owned by a Saving Sully and Lavernock Group member and her cavapoo friend, Sidney, 18 months old, are hoping to raise more than £300, between them, for the memorial fund.

Chairman of the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group, Steve Thomas said: “Our group was set up to enhance and protect Sully and Lavernock and we wish to build a War Memorial near Sully church so future generations can remember.

“There are plaques to the fallen of both world wars in the church, but we want to build something that is visible to everyone.

“We also want to research local people who have died in earlier and later conflicts.

“The sponsored walk is only the beginning of a long process to attain our goal.

“I’m sure Mimi will enjoy her walk.’

The Saving Sully And Lavernock Group is in the process of setting up a Trust to oversee the design and building of the memorial and it has opened a bank account to finance the proposal.

It already has some funds in it thanks to a donation from the ladies of St John’s Church who organised a pancake morning that raised money.

The group has established a working group to manage the process and has secured a promise of land, in front of Sully church, from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The group has recruited a local resident with expert skills to research names and is working on designs and seeking funds.

The walk will leave Jubilee Hall, Smithies Avenue, Sully, at 11am and all are welcome to join and help raise funds.

It will go down to the Coastal Path, along to Lavernock and then up to Cosmeston Lakes before returning.

Gordon Hatfield, in the Seashore Grill, in Sully, will provide light refreshments for people who complete the walk.

Sponsorship forms are available via savingsully.org.uk and in Sully at The Old School, the library, the Constitutional Club and the post office, as well as at the ranger’s office, Cosmeston Lakes.