THE Vale council has said it will ensure the Seafarers Memorial is in good condition ahead of the annual Sea Sunday Service, following concerns about weeds.

Complaints had been made that the memorial, in Barry Waterfront, was teeming with weeds and the surrounding area was looking unkempt.

Hon chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers Father Ben Andrews, of Barry, is due to conduct the annual Sea Sunday Service at the site in July.

The service gives thanks for all who work on the seas and those who have served their country in the merchant navy as Royal Navy as well as those who work in the docks today, the coastguard and RNLI.

The then Vale mayor, Cllr Margaret Wilkinson, unveiled the anchor, which has been installed as a lasting tribute, in October 2013.

The memorial stands on Associated British Ports (ABP) land, but ABP said a maintenance agreement was in place.

Former submariner Simon Llewellyn said: “All it needs is some weed-killer and a little TLC.”

A resident, who did not want to be named, said he believed a “gentleman’s agreement” on its upkeep was supposed to be in place.

He said the path was “skew-whiff” and he had observed fishermen cutting up fish on the memorial.

“I’m amazed at how it’s been allowed to get like that,” he said. “If it’s the council’s responsibility how have they not noticed?

“It makes me feel embarrassed.

“They don’t let their parks get like that.”

An ABP spokeswoman said: “ABP understands that there is a maintenance agreement in place concerning the Barry Seafarers Memorial.

“We will check our records and contact the Vale of Glamorgan Council directly regarding responsibility for this.”

Vale council cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport Cllr Peter King said: “The Memorial sits on privately-owned land and is licensed to a local group.

“Although the council is not responsible for its maintenance, we have in the past, in partnership with the group, carried out work to remove weeds from the area and will do so again to ensure it is in good condition ahead of the Sea Sunday event,” he said.

The memorial, instigated by the Merchant Navy Association, was made possible with the support of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, ABP, Trinity House, and A G Adams & Son who enabled the project to come to fruition.

A local seafarer donated the anchor.