HOLLYWOOD movie actor George Clooney returns to the small screen with the TV adaptation of the novel Catch-22 and starring alongside him is Barry man, Gerran Howell.

Former Barry Comprehensive pupil, Mr Howell plays one of the main roles in the show which is based on the 1961 novel by Joseph Heller, from which the phrase Catch-22 first emerged.

The book was previously brought to the screen in the 1970 movie Catch-22 starring Art Garfunkel and Orson Welles.

Mr Howell, whose mum Sian Howell was formerly High Street Primary’s head teacher and whose dad Lyn also taught in Barry schools, plays Kid Sampson.

He was chosen personally by former E.R star, Clooney who plays Scheisskopf in Catch-22.

The actors met in a previous audition where Mr Howell was brought to Clooney's attention.

Also, on screen is award-winning actor Hugh Laurie, who played the title character in US TV series, House.

Laurie plays Major de Coverley in Catch-22.

Mr Howell started his career in the lead role of Young Dracula.

The series won a Royal Television Society Award and a BAFTA for best children’s drama in 2008.

He then studied at London’s RADA (Royal Academy Dramatic Art) and returned to acting where he gained roles in Casualty, Some Girls, and the Drifters followed with three seasons in the BBC sci-fi series, The Sparticle Chronicles.

His US TV debut came when he gained the lead role of Jack the Tin Man in the NBC series Emerald City where he starred alongside Hollywood A-lister, Vincent D’Onofrio.

Life-long family friend Karen Walters, who Barry Comprehensive’s head of drama, gave Mr Howell his first break, allowing him to show off his acting skills, and his attendance at the Cardiff-based Pete Wooldridge drama group, gave him his big break in Young Dracula.

Mr Howell joined the cast of Catch-22 in 2018 - also working alongside Emmy award winner, Kyle Chandler.

Mr Howell said: “When you hear you're going to be working for and with George Clooney, it’s always going to be a bit surreal and nerve-wracking, but he really couldn’t have been a nicer person in the flesh.

“He would always make sure all the cast felt comfortable and would gather us all round and break the ice with stories about his time in the industry.

“As a director he took care to make sure all the characters were all equally fleshed out, sometimes keeping the camera rolling and asking us as “The Merry Band” to just improvise and “goof off” which was always a laugh.

“It was a pleasure to work with him and all the cast/crew on this series and he is definitely as genuine as you think he would be, and overall just a pro at being a human being.”

Mr Howell regularly commutes between his home in London and Hollywood and his next performance will be playing the younger version of Tim Roth in the film The Song of Names.

Catch-22 makes its UK TV debut on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday, June 20.