A SCHOOLBOY has impressed producers of a long-running BBC children’s television show so much that they have awarded him a rare badge.

Ten-year-old Lorenzo Zeraschi, a Year 6 pupil in All Saints C/W Primary School, in Barry, recently took delivery of a standard Blue Peter badge and an extra-special Diamond badge.

Sherlock Holmes books fan, Lorenzo said: “I wrote a story called Zotsonne Moretti and Sherlock Bones.

“It’s about a detective dog who has to find bones that have gone missing in the city.

“I was quite surprised when I got the letter.

“They enjoyed reading it.

“I also wrote one called John’s Adventure.

“It’s about a boy who is 10 and it’s based on two of my friends altogether.

“It was quite rewarding to get a badge.

“It took ages to write, but it’s really nice because I can say I’ve written it.

“I want to be a write or private investigator or work in the (Zeraschi) shops.”

He added: “I would like to get the green one next because it also means helping the environment.”

Lorenzo also told the show about his new experiences and his plans for celebrating the show's 60th anniversary.

Lorenzo’s mum, Rachel Zeraschi said: “We were made up when the letter arrived.

“We thought there was a deadline for the limited edition badge had passed.

“He has been watching Blue Peter since he found out about the badges.

“We are thrilled.”

The CBBC Blue Peter has been awarding children Blue Peter badges since 1963 and there are currently six different types of badges with limited editions occasionally introduced.

The shield-shaped badges are for children aged six to 15 or adults who have been programme guests.