A PROJECT to restore a pond in a popular country park in Barry, is set to boost local wildlife, reduce the risk of flooding. and make it a better place to visit.

The project, involving Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Porthkerry Wildlife Group and the Vale council, was needed after years of silt build up and plant overgrowth at a pond in Porthkerry Country Park, Barry.

Work involved staff and volunteers digging out silted areas and clearing overgrown weeds from around the pond.

These have been replaced with native plants that are better suited to the local environment and better for wildlife.

NRW contributed £4,000 towards pallets of plants suited to growing on or near a pond which are expected to attract animals and insects.

Because of the ponds location it will also act as a settlement for any pollution that gets into nearby watercourses, providing an extra line of defence to the nearby Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and help maintain the bathing water quality at Cold Knap.

NRW environment officer, Hannah Goddard said: “Improving Wales’ green spaces makes them more attractive so people can visit and enjoy the natural environment.

“It also helps create fantastic habitats for wildlife and can bring wider benefits for society.

“The new and improved pond will benefit a variety of plants and animals in the area, help alleviate flooding in times of bad weather and act as a barrier to protect the sensitive sites nearby.

“I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone involved in the project and look forward to working with our partners again in future.”