A PRIMARY school in Barry is one of two Vale schools that have been shut after outbreak of Hepatitis A.

Palmerston Primary, in Barry, and Victoria Primary School, Penarth, were closed and pupils offered vaccinations, after a cluster of five Hepatitis A cases were confirmed.

A Public Health Wales consultant said that there is no sign the infection has been contracted on either school's premises and that both schools were co-operating with the investigation and clean-up.

The NHS website says Hepatitis A, while unpleasant, is usually not serious.

Most people make a full recovery from the virus within months.

The virus is usually spread in the faeces of infected individuals.

The best way to prevent infection is the regular washing of hands.

Symptoms can include flu-like illness such as tiredness, general aches and pains, headaches and fever, as well as loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, abdominal pains, jaundice, very dark urine and itchy skin.

Children often do not present symptoms, but can easily spread the virus amongst themselves.

If you have any concerns about your or your child's health, call your GP or NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647.