A PEOPLE watching opportunity is presenting itself at the Art Central Gallery, in Barry, following the opening of the A Year in Barry photography exhibition.

Seventy photos of Barry people have gone on display in the space in Barry Library, King Square, and the public is invited to view until June 1.

Barry-based photographer Kevin Moore spent the year 2017/18 documenting the lives of people living in the town and the thousands of images not on show can also be viewed online.

The exhibition was officially launched on Saturday, May 18

The entire collection of images, accompanied by a short write-up, are also available online – A Year In Barry on Facebook

The project involved Mr Moore shooting natural, non-staged photographs of Barrians – individuals and groups – going about their everyday lives and showing off their skills for generations to view.

Among the people Mr Moore photographed were charity and frontline council workers, traders, musicians, and people dealing with medical conditions.

Mr Moore’s project was funded by Barry Town Council and some local businesses who were keen to help out.

Mr Moore said: “I took thousands of photos.

“I felt enthusiastic about it because it was a good opportunity to get out and document people and their lives and contribution to the community.

“The feedback was all positive.

“They could see what I wanted to do – focus on people rather than buildings, old school houses, and rectories."

Mr Moore added: "People undervalue photos.

"A selfie is not a photo.

"We all end up as a memory for someone - photos are all people have left."

The exhibition invites the viewer to enjoy, reflect and reminisce over familiar faces and places in celebration of the local community.

The show is running during dementia awareness week which runs until Sunday, May 26.

All are invited to reflect in the dementia-friendly gallery.