UNSEASONABLE spring weather is seeing thousands of people descend on Barry Island to experience the warm weather on the Vale coast.

The half-term Easter holiday has seen visitors flock to the coast to spend their bank holiday on the Whitmore Bay beach, soaking up the sun, frequenting the cafes and enjoying the fairground attractions at Barry Island Pleasure Park.

But as thousands of people park-up at Barry Island's car parks and take the Easter vintage train at Barry Island Railway Station, some of the fish and chip shops ran out of fish and other food items as the demand was so high.

Cafe owner, Marco Zeraschi said business was booming and as expected.

He said: "Barry Island is at its best.

"After Monday's bitter winds it's nice to feel the heat again.

It's 20 celcius plus and that brings people out.

"It's been a good Friday on Barry Island and lots of people are really enjoying the resort.

"It's nice to see the ice-cream weather at the resort."