PLAID Cymru candidate Dennis Clarke has won the Barry Town Council Court ward by-election held on Thursday, April 11.

Cllr Clarke secured 320 votes, making up 47 per cent of the total votes cast.

Welsh Labour candidate, Andrew Hennessey got 241 votes, 35 per cent, and Welsh Conservative candidate, Sam Lewis got 123 votes, 18 per cent.

The turnout was 21 per cent.

Cllr Clarke will attend his first Barry Town Council meeting on Monday, April 15.

Barry Town Council Plaid opposition leader, Cllr Shirley Hodges said: “Congratulations to Dennis Clarke for winning the Court ward by- election.

“Thank you to the other candidates for standing.

“Everyone got their message out in a clean and positive campaign.

“It's clear people are fed up of the main Westminster parties.

“Dennis is a grass roots campaigner who cares or Barry and the people who live here.

“I'm thrilled he won and look forward to him being part of the Plaid group on Barry Town Council.

“If we can win in Court ward we can win anywhere in Barry.”

The vacancy arose following the resignation of Independent councillor, Richard Bertin, earlier this year.